Origin Story: Midnight Edition

Here’s a brief year one retrospective, an origin story if you will, written past midnight, with little sleep:

Kingdom Bash: Origin Story: Midnight Edition

I used to tinker with Game Maker back in high school, sketching up game ideas while ignoring my Calculus teacher. Typical. I saw that Game Maker games were becoming successful. Finally, in March 2015, I bought a professional license, and began developing! It wasn’t until August 2nd last year that I officially started working on an idea that I felt was actually feasible. Kingdom Bash was born.

I had friends play a tacky little demo of characters shooting each other with fireballs and arrows, and it was fun! I would always (and still do) ask “What do you want to see next?”. Every weekend I would try to add something new, so that our usual group hangout session would have something new to play. In the true spirit of couch multiplayer, I am succeeding at bringing friends together to have fun. I aim to end every development cycle with a zero-bug build, before adding a new feature. It might take longer, but at the moment I’m not too worried about it. The code just. Bloody. Works. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I showed the game off using video off my phone, word of mouth, and finally built the website, marking an official announcement before my birthday this year. I showed it off “publicly” first at Angry Erik’s (a local brewery) on my birthday, once again at The Dragon’s Lair (my friends’ local comic shop), and took it to Playcrafting NYC near the end of July.

So, after a year of development, I’ve finally started gaining some traction with social media. If you’re reading this as a fresh post, consider yourself an OG Kingdom Bash fan. You showed enough interest in my work to like it before it (hopefully) becomes cool. Go you.

We’re almost reaching the end of the road to A Video Game Con, and I have so many plans in store… Possibly a public beta release? Stay tuned.